About Michael

Michael Torzecki is a Polish/American artist who graduated the European Academy of Arts in Warsaw, Poland in 2006 with honors. He received his masters degree under the guidance of Prof. Franciszek Starowieyski (a crucial member of the polish poster movement) and served as Starowieyski’s assistant professor until his passing 2 years ago.

He has had 3 solo exhibitions in Warsaw, and has taken part in 8 group shows (including one group exhibit in New York City at the Annual Affordable Art Fair and 2 group shows in London- one at the Unit24 Gallery and one at last year’s AAF in London). At the end of March 2 years ago, he took part in a four person show at the prestigious Bochenska Gallery i Warsaw where he had already participated in two group shows before.

Michael was raised in New York City, but returned to Poland for College and has since settled in Warsaw. His work focuses around realistic portrayal, most of his pieces are monochromatic, and his preferred medium is oil. He specializes in portraiture, as his main interest in art is portraying character and emotion. This love of portraiture goes beyond human depiction. Animals have also
always been a predominant theme in his work. His first solo show was entitled “ZOO” and depicted the day to day existence of the inhabitants of the Warsaw Zoological Gardens. Through his simple, monochromatic imagery,
Michael attempts to accentuate character and atmosphere predominantly using contrast, irregular composition, and intricate detail.